What to Expect from a Security Officer

Security guards are among those with thankless jobs in America. They serve a critical role for businesses, yet they seem invisible. Some even perceive them as guys standing or walking around doing nothing the whole day.

But what many people do not realize—or appreciate—is the fact that security guards are there to ensure our protection at all times. They are paid to make sure that no criminals can access your place and harm anyone in it. They watch out for any security threat. Their jobs sound easier than they actually are, but without them, imagine how you can run your business without dealing with issues such as intrusion, burglary, and the likes.


Security guards are so much more than guys just standing or walking around a business location. Here are the responsibilities and skills required of every security officer.


This is the most obvious duty of every guard. Their mere presence is enough to deter criminals from carrying out unlawful acts.

Monitoring and patrolling

While you are peacefully sleeping, some security guards work at night to check each room and equipment within your office premises—from the door locks, elevators, and even your photocopying machine.

First aid and emergency response

Security officers are trained in safety, first aid, and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) so that they can provide immediate assistance during any emergency.

Emergency preparedness

The guards in your building can be counted on during calamities such as flood, fires, earthquakes, bomb threats, and power outages. They are trained to provide help and security in those times.

Customer service and public relations

Security guards are also trained to serve as receptionists in a building. You can ask them for directions, assistance in getting to the person you’re supposed to meet in the building, and more.

Security officers put in long work hours, and so they deserve much respect and appreciation for doing a great job. Next time you meet one, greet him with a warm smile.…